Interhydraulik Zepro GmbH is now working for 50 years on load handling solutions. All of our attention is putted on the hydraulic tail gate. Safety is specialy in our focus, as well as the weight and the price!

Giving you the best possible solution is our target!


Founded in 1966 near Vienna, just before celebrating our 50th anniversary we have arrived on our new premises in Wiener Neustadt.


The new Workshop and Stock concept gives us the best possibilities to give you best service for the best price - here in Wr. Neustadt, we have a big spare parts stock, full installable tail lifts and a workshop for repairs and installs.


Otu off all this reasons we can say, that we are a flexibel small team with the target, giving you as our customer the best possible solution in the shortest possible time. Best will be, you are making yourself a picture from our services - directly in Wiener Neustadt or on our Homepage!


Thank you!